SallyAnne is an artist and author. She and her husband Bill live in Canton, OH with their four Cavalier King Charles Spaniels: Abbey, Rusty, Rudy and Rosie. This lively quartet of pups has inspired a children’s story: Nosey Rosie.

But life was not a delightful child’s story for Sally, which she writes about in her book Still Dragging Your Stuff Around? Yet she has steadfastly opened her heart to learning from her experiences and blessing others with what she has learned along the way. Her faith has grown, and so has her creativity. She believes that her spirituality has led her from darkness to light. Every day starts with prayer and meditation as she seeks to honor God in all she does.

Through the years, she has worked in the medical community and in the area of developmental disabilities. Now retired, she continues to shine and do everything with a smile through her creations, hoping that each piece brings a blessing to others and that her written works provide encouragement and direction for those who struggle with a painful past.