Still Dragging Your Stuff Around?

It’s easy to haul around a load of life’s baggage: fear, anger, worry, pain, regret—the stuff of the past that keeps you from succeeding and shining and being the best you can be. A victim of abuse, SallyAnne could easily wallow in despair. But that is never what God wanted from her; He reached out to her and asked her to trust Him to lead her to joy and love and peace and all those other spiritual fruit mentioned in Galations 5:22-23. Since fruit won’t grow on a blighted tree, a transformation was necessary. The butterfly had to emerge from its cocoon. And that is what Sally writes about in her book—her transformation. She longs for you to learn and grow from her own journey through the mire…because life is supposed to make you smile.

Nosey Rosie

Curiosity is a good thing—unless it keeps you from learning. As four dogs walk through nature, they learn many things from the critters they encounter. But will a bee sting or a thorn keep nosey Rosie from understanding what her friends are trying to teach her? Children will enjoy this narrative about Abbey, Rusty, Rudy and Rosie (the names of Sally and Bill’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniels) and will also learn to respect and appreciate those around them. Sally has dedicated this book to her own grandchildren: Alex, Allie and Matthew.

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